Projects that respond to the market needs.

We complete projects with shorter construction timelines and lower cost overruns, thanks to process innovations at each stage of planning and development.

A major advantage of SWISS PROPERTY as a total contracting partner, are the prefabricated construction techniques with specially engineered modular components produced in the SWISS PROPERTY factory. Using BIM technology, project planning is streamlined and completely transparent. Project costs, timelines, resources and materials are accounted for, and visualised, for a precise and calculable outcome. These efficiencies, combined with lean production and construction methods, allow us to deliver projects of lasting value on time and within budget.

  • Experience: A team of real estate professionals with proven track records. See our credentials.
  • Market expertise: Extensive knowledge, for projects that respond to market needs.
  • Specialised skills: Highly skilled professionals including engineers, award-winning architects, project managers, designers and specialist builders. Meet the team.
  • Total property life-cycle management: Together with select partners, management of the entire project life-cycle from acquisition and financing to planning, construction, furnishing and ongoing facility management services are available to clients.
  • Cost and timeframe advantages: Innovative, highly efficient industrialised construction processes within a lean organisation. Learn more about our approach.
  • Digital building to reduce risk: Building information modelling (BIM) technology is used to avoid potential clashes or overruns in time and cost. Learn more about Research & Innovation at SWISS PROPERTY.
  • High quality standards: Exceptional quality control of materials and components made in our own facilities to meet or exceed the SIA standards.
  • Exceptional personal care: One client management team throughout the entire project, from start to completion. For a smooth experience and transparent communication.
  • Detailed customisation: End-to-end value creation with in-house component production allows for a tailored contracting service.

To enquire about SWISS PROPERTY’s total contracting services, contact us.