The result is significant
cumulative gains at
every stage.

As a total property life-cycle group we are changing the way real estate is developed, built and managed in Switzerland by adapting automotive principles in prefab production, digitalisation and lean methodology in all stages.

The result is significant cumulative gains at every stage. Gains in efficiency, time-scale, cost-savings, quality, service, overall end-product and client experience. There are eight stages to every project, within three broad phases of development.

  • Identify

    Initially, a potential project is analysed and filtered through a number of factors. Through an extensive network we are up to date with Switzerland’s unique regional markets and project opportunities that arise.

  • Optimise

    Our dedication to excellence, and continuous refinement in everything we do carries over into our facility management and real estate services. The exceptional industry expertise and experience of our management teams allow for an increase in comfort, profitability and asset value for clients over time.

  • Operate

    Facility management services are offered to maximise a property’s value and give clients peace of mind. This includes strategic advice and performance analysis, leasing services, facility administration, accounting and reporting services, as well as marketing, tenant sourcing and managing, revenue collection and asset and property management services.

  • Assemble

    Our re-engineered composite construction methods mean building components are prepared just-in-time to exceptional quality standards for on-site assembly. This streamlined production and assembly process, allows us to assemble properties on-site in just 3 months instead of the 12-24 months required for traditional construction methods.

    Clients and partners benefit from a property of exceptional quality, ready to live in or profit from in a quicker time frame than with a traditional developer.

  • Produce

    Streamlined communication and cost-effective sourcing of raw materials and product parts as well as a capacity for component construction, SWISS PROPERTY produces quality components, with high grade materials, faster and more cost-efficiently that are ready for on-site assembly. Streamlined management of the entire property lifecycle with digitised integration of design, engineering and lean manufacturing shows some of its greatest efficiency gains at the production stage.

  • Design

    We are client-centric and work hard to understand the way our clients think and feel. At the design stage, properties are planned to deliver value beyond expectations and meet demand, according to in-depth market research.

    We can design and engineer a property with a high level of customisation down to the interior fittings and furniture. This is possible because of our digital planning and re-engineered composite construction methods.

  • Structure

    Planning is essential to execute a project within time and cost frameworks. This is where a critical advantage is offered. We structure a project more efficiently than a traditional developer, adding huge value at every stage of the property lifecycle, while also better-identifying and mitigating potential risks.

    As total property life-cycle managers with streamlined, seamless control over every stage of planning, construction and ongoing property management, we can structure a project to a unique level of accuracy.

  • Evaluate

    All projects are evaluated and selected based on our investment management framework. Every potential project is critically evaluated against several market factors. Our methodical systems of evaluation ensure a project meets our high standards for excellence, profitability and creating something exceptional – an invaluable process for both clients and partners.