Schneefalke, Andermatt

  • Fertigstellung im Jahr 2018
  • Mehrfamilienhaus mit 19 Eigentumswohnungen
  • Wohnungsgrössen von 26m² bis 177m²
  • Joint Venture mit der Andermatt Swiss Alps
  • Realisiert mit neuester Technologie im Holzbau
  • Hauseigenes Fitnesscenter mit Sauna und Dampfbad
  • Alle Einheiten wurden verkauft

Jennifer Zanarini

The team at Swiss Property are just spectacular. I have worked with them for over five years now when we bought our first property in Schneefalke. We then purchased another two apartments in Eisvogel – a big part of that decision was due to the wonderful experience we had with the team at Swiss Property. Swiss Property not only offers super investment opportunities but they genuinely see the entire process through. Their dedication is transparent and their vision is to help our investments become a success. Swiss Property is here for the long game and this is what makes me confident investing in their properties.