living spaces
  for tomorrow

We are young.
We are experienced.
We are ready to change the world.

We develop and build high-quality properties in the German speaking region. Technology, sustainability and passion is our cornerstone with timber as the fundamental building component. Our team’s instruments include the latest planning and manufacturing technologies. With a single goal; to create cost efficient and ecologically engaging, vibrant living spaces for you and the generations to come.


At home in a better world.

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed many industries – the construction industry is one of the few that is lagging behind in this trend. We want to change that. Swiss Property is seeking to rethink construction in the years to come, with technologies that revolutionize processes and products to create better living places for people and communities around the world. More sustainable. Healthier. Better. More appealing. Smarter. More Efficient. More productive. For better living spaces and for a better world.


  • Acquisition and financing
  • Area and project development
  • Converting existing and new construction projects using sustainable timber construction methods
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Real estate marketing and sales

Our values

being inventive

Inventiveness is our asset. Technological innovation and creativity are our DNA. By working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way, we learn from each other and inspire each other. Our versatile team culture is the ground work for surprising new ideas.

being meaningful

We want to create something valuable and meaningful – our customers not only acquire attractive, high-quality living spaces, but also make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable and healthier future.

being responsible

We are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. We are driven by our commitment to society and nature. Zero CO₂ emissions by 2030 is just one of our ambitious goals for a better world.

being curious

We are curious and aim/love to break new ground. This includes being open to new, digital technologies. Timber_OS is one of these achievements/advancements. We have no lesser objective/goal than to fundamentally transform the construction industry in the upcoming years.