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Who we are

Living spaces that inspire you.

We develop and build high-quality properties in the German speaking region. Technology, sustainability and passion is our cornerstone with timber as the fundamental building component. Our team’s instruments include the latest planning and manufacturing technologies. With a single goal; to create cost efficient and ecologically engaging, vibrant living spaces for you and the generations to come.

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The real estate and construction industry account for 36% of the global energy consumption and 39% of energy- and industrial process-related carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. In addition, the industry is responsible for 40% of global waste. We wish to change that. With new technologies, we are reducing emissions and build faster today. This benefits you personally along with the environment.


We build for people and we depend on people. If our values of “inventive”, “meaningful”, “responsible” and “curious” appeal to you, we look forward hearing from you.