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Future Formula: 2030 = 0
20% more effective
30% faster
0% CO₂

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Sustainable construction means reducing CO₂ emissions to zero over the entire life cycle of a building. Serious measures are necessary for this transformation, but they also offer new possibilities: for creative challenges and a noticeable improvement in the quality of life.

Digital Building

We build with wood and advanced technology

We combine the necessary with the useful and use digital planning and construction processes to systematically construct sustainable buildings. To make this possible, we are developing the new Digital Building together with our subsidiary vyzn. Together we are designing the digital operating system for the planning and production of multi-storey high-tech timber buildings.

Less CO₂, more sustainability

The vyzn approach ensures high data quality. On this basis, the optimal balance between yield, costs and energy consumption can be found in the early project phases with the help of digital simulations. In addition, the knowledge gained in this way is available for each new project. The goal: to continuously and sustainably make good things better.

Fewer interruptions, more continuity

Our approach is holistic. We combine hardware with software and design with execution. This enables high-quality design, targeted planning and a structured construction site.

Optimize instead of validate –
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available for every construction project.

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