White Paper

Future-ready construction with digital expertise

A journey into the vast potential of construction 4.0

SWISS PROPERTY AG specialises in sustainable, multi-storey wooden housing with its own technology. At the same time, as a software developer, we are playing a pioneering role in the digital transformation of the construction sector, which will fundamentally change the current understanding of real estate development and construction all over the world in the coming years.

But what exactly does that mean? Why do we develop our own software and how can other companies in the industry use our technology to reduce costs, increase productivity and position themselves for the real estate markets of the future, regardless of the building materials used? Why are ‘open code’ and ‘open data’ solutions important when it comes to transforming the construction industry from one of the biggest polluters into a driver of circular economy and technological progress? What needs to be done to make the construction sector catch up with other industries and start exploiting previously untapped potential to build more effectively, efficiently, profitably and sustainably?

We answer all of this in our white paper.

Johannes May on the white paper

Download the white paper free of charge here.

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    «No one knows the challenges of the construction industry better than the construction industry itself. But it is not enough to know the problems. Together, we need to break new ground in order to solve them.» Johannes May CEO, SWISS PROPERTY AG